What I do.



Create content.

Coach and consult.

Mange communities.

Make films and videos.

Manage all things social media.

Explore the meaningful things in life.

Some of my social media work.

Swila on Instagram

Built one of the largest online screenwriting communities - organically.

Swila on TikTok

Building the Swila brand on TikTok while making a name for myself in the screenwriting world.

Personal TikTok/Motivation

Building a strong TikTok following exploring many different topics.

Swila Website/Forum

Created and actively host one of the most active screenwriting forums online.

My Screenplays

Constantly writing to expand my mind and practice my storytelling skills.

B and L Media

Building a media agency to help small businesses and brands build community, increase online reach, and generate sales (in progress).

ScreenCraft Instagram

Prestegious screenwriting competition. I run their Instagram and make content for them.

ScreenCraft TikTok

I also run their TikTok and make all the content posted.

Hot Lunch Productions

Running social media for an rising Production House that creates content ranging from short films to cinematic short form skits.

Anime Station TikTok

Built their TikTok from 300 followers to 8K in less than 3 months and made all their content.

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